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Guiding IMP to clinical trial sites in Europe and beyond is a complex journey requiring detailed knowledge of market specific regulations, packaging, labelling and QP release.

We are the only established Irish owned Early Phase supply partners in Europe.

We have the knowledge, infrastructure and flexibility to provide customised and agile supply chain solutions for IMP Sponsors faced with navigating the challenges of Clinical Trial Supply, especially during an uncertain Brexit era.

As partners and navigators, we work in close collaboration with Sponsors to assure that their IMP is sourced, packed, labelled and delivered safely and on time.


“ We have the infrastructure, authorisations and network available for importation, storage, secondary packaging, labelling, Qualified Person release of IMPs and temperature controlled logistics.

We understand European regulations and have the experience and flexibility to respond to unique IMP requirements and to deliver them safely to site, whilst ensuring our clients are fully informed along the journey. 

Jim Kernan,


PRONAV Clinical is a GMP-authorised provider of contract packing and bespoke supply chain solutions for the life sciences sector.  We work in partnership with clients to create seamless outsourced solutions for manufacturing, packing, print and design services.

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PROMAP Clinical is our proprietary document workflow platform. Via a shared cloud-based portal spanning all the partners in the supply chain, it supports the transfer, storage, review and approval of all supply chain documentation.

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Jim is founder and CEO of PRONAV Clinical. A very experienced Life-Science manufacturing and quality professional, Jim is passionate about customer care and the importance of sharing expertise with clients as they navigate the challenges of the Clinical Trial Supply Chain.

With over 20 years of experience as a Quality Manager and Qualified Person, Anne has an absolute focus on Patient Safety and ensures it is at the core of our Quality Management System. Anne’s experience includes a Ph. D in Analytical Chemistry as well as Sterile and Non-sterile manufacturing for both Authorised Medicines and Investigational Medicinal Products.

Laurent has a Master’s Degree in Engineering from ESSTIN in France. He has extensive technical and operational experience in the pharmaceutical industry having served as site lead for a multinational manufacturing facility and distribution centre. With a depth of knowledge in pharmaceutical and medtech development projects, he currently leads our Technical and Systems functions.

Orla, with a background in Genetics and Cell Biology, brings a meticulous approach and a keen eye for detail whilst maintaining the flexibility necessary to bring quality products safely to clients and patients.